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Basis Software, Inc. markets its own line of Surphaser 3D laser scanning systems and supplies OEM products for laser scanner manufacturers worldwide including their SurphExpress software platform for scanner control, data analysis and exportation. Known for its unsurpassed accuracy and scan quality, the Surphaser line offers both short range and medium range models, ideal for use in reverse engineering, dimensional control, historical preservation, architecture, and forensics. Surphaser products are deployed worldwide delivering unparalleled precision and value in 3D scanning. 

Basis Software Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Surphaser Ultra Short Range model 75 (USR) at Control 2016 exhibition (April 26-29). Model 75 is sharing the form factor with just released Surphaser 10 joining the family of smallest and lightest of Surphaser scanners to date. Driven by user demand for high precision scanning at short distances Surphaser 75 gives users the ability to quickly collect high accuracy, high resolution data starting as close as at 25cm (<1ft).

Unique combination of small-sized hemispherical scanner, low noise, and close range allows users to scan with high precision in close proximity and in tight spaces. Small weight (less than 5 kg with battery), built-in camera with automated colour mapping, built-in PC and internal battery make it a very portable, highly versatile device that can be used in many applications. The new model Surphaser 75 USR is being marketed for automotive, oil and electric industries, shipbuilding, airspace.

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