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ProX® DMP 100

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The ProX® range of Direct Metal Printing (DMP) 3D printers  builds on 3D Systems' stellar laser sintering capabilities by incorporating 10 years of research and development in metal 3D printing.

ProX® DMP 100 Production 3D Printer

Manufacture small, complex metal parts in hours

The smallest of the ProX DMP line, the ProX DMP 100 is designed as the starting point for people wishing to manufacture small, complex metal parts at high quality and speed using DMP. The ProX DMP 100 features a build volume of 100mm x 100mm x 80mm along with manual material loading and an optional external recycling station. The system supports materials including Stainless 17-4PH and CoCr. The ProX DMP 100 also includes 3D Systems' software tools, which are specifically designed to ensure successful direct metal manufacturing processes.


Exceptional surface finish and resolution
Minimal waste of materials
Able to produce parts not normally manufacturable using traditional methods
Fast production times
Very dense, non-porous parts
Consistently high accuracy parts even on first-time builds

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