Artec 3D Hand Held
Scanners use for the Plastic surgery, Orthopedics and prosthetics, Reverse Engineering, Prototyping, Quality control, Computer graphics for the cinema and gaming industries, Body Scanning, Pattern production, Virtual museums, Restoration, Insurance Applications.

Geomagic Software
Academic and commercial researchers around the world choose Sensable® Phantom® haptic devices in their efforts to create a broad variety of haptically-enabled applications. As versatile as they come, Geomagic software and Sensable haptics provide true intuitive navigation and enable a world of exciting possibilities in anything from patient rehabilitation to interactive cellular modeling.

KeyShot Software
use for the 3D rendering and animation in Automobile, Aerospace, Jewelry Design, Engineering, Marketing and Entertainment Industries.

Lucid Shape
use for the Interior Light Design, Street Light Design, Optics Design, Light Pipe design, Fiber Optics Design, Optics simulation, Night Drive Simulation and Light Values Analysis as per the standards.

Ansys Academic Solutions:
Computer-aided engineering is playing a growing role in higher education in the disciplines of science and engineering. At the undergraduate level, students use engineering simulation to learn physics principles and gain hands-on, real-world experience that can jump-start their careers. At the postgraduate level, researchers apply simulation tools to solve complex application problems. Commercial organizations regularly partner with educational institutions to foster innovative research — sometimes at the basic level — that can lead to breakthrough solutions.

Rhino 3D
Software for Industrial Design, Marine Design, CAD/ CAM, Jewelry Design, Reverse Engineering, Graphics Design and Multimedia.

Optical Blue Light 3D Scanner use for the Design, Mold and Tool Making, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Quality Control / 3D Inspection and Art & Culture Preservation.

3D Systems:
Schools, colleges and educational and governmental institutes of all levels and disciplines are increasingly introducing their constituents to 3D Systems’ leading 3D printing technologies as a means of providing real world applications in math, science, mechanical engineering, and architecture among others. Our high definition 3D printers are easy to maintain and operate and are becoming indispensible tools for educators and civil servants alike.

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