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ColorJet Printing (CJP)

ColorJet Printing (CJP) is an additive manufacturing technology which involves two major components – core and binder.  The Core™ material is spread in thin layers over the build platform with a roller.  After each layer is spread, color binder is selectively jetted from inkjet print heads over the core layer, which causes the core to solidify. The build platform lowers with every subsequent layer which is spread and printed, resulting in a full-color three-dimensional model.

Full color 3D printing like no other

The 3D Systems Color Jet printers are the only 3D printers in the industry to create full, photo-realistic color 3D prints. This range of printers gives anyone with a need for color the flexibility to prototype anything in the exact colors you had specified, and are safe, office friendly, and easy-to-use.
FULL-COLOR TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP CJP is the only 3D printing technology with the ability to deliver photo-realistic 3D models with the use of halftoning and variable drop-per-voxel technique. This is possible by using cyan, magenta, yellow and, in some printers, black binders to print onto a white powder. Utilizing three or four channels of color, CJP is not limited to one section of the rainbow. Colors can be placed anywhere on the model and be printed using full texture maps and UV mapping.

IMPROVE COMMUNICATION Communicate the look, feel and style of product designs with high-resolution, vivid color prototypes printed in one step. You will win business by bringing realistic final product-like models to prospective accounts, sponsors and focus groups.

REDUCE DEVELOPMENT COSTS Create affordable prototypes early in the ideation stage of product development to identify design changes earlier. By accurately conveying the concept of the final part, all stakeholders will select the right design and reduce costly changes later in the development process.

INCREASE INNOVATION With the capability to easily and affordably print full-color prototypes in hours, CJP users can quickly explore more design options, obtain feedback, refine designs and repeat the cycle until designs are perfect.

ACCELERATE TIME-TO-MARKET CJP users around the world are bringing products to market faster, compressing design cycles by quickly and easily 3D printing on demand prototypes that look like the real product. Stakeholders can better visualize design intent, and can make faster and more effective decisions


  • Enjoy true ease-of-use with astounding full-color results in hours
  • Highly accurate, and high resolution, the ProJet CJP 660Pro prints at fast speeds for results in hours, not days
  • Full color CMYK printing in a single build, without having to switch palettes.
  • Perfect for archiecture, consumer product design, healthcare, educational models, crystallography, medical teaching models and more

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