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Optics Design & Simulation Softawre

Brandenburg GmbH - Products
LucidShape can be applied to a wide range of applications. It consists of a powerful set of tools to simulate all kind of light sources, surfaces, materials and sensors. LucidFunGeo is your ultimate feature to create reflector or lens geometry. LucidShape is the fastest ray tracing software for reflector design on the market. LucidShape also includes light in motion, like driving scenes or reflector motion. LucidShape is as interactive as the user wishes. Add your own defined dialog interfaces for your design, simulation, analysis, and documentation. CAD data as well as photometry data can be imported and exported. LucidShape supports a wide range of data formats.


LucidDrive - Products - LucidDrive
LucidDrive is a standalone Night Driving Simulation. It makes use of the latest modern graphics hardware technology to show almost photorealistic lighting scenes in real time. The primary function of LucidDrive is to evaluate beam patterns of vehicle headlamps under conditions as realistic as possible.

Beam Pattern Analysis
Multi View
AFS-Adaptive Front Lighting System
Real Time
Custom Roads
Video Export
Advanced Graphics


LucidLite is a flexible tool for the display, analysis and manipulation of all kinds of light data. Simulation results or goniometer measurements of real lighting fixtures can be viewed, edited and converted. It thus covers a specific subarea of LucidShape´s powerful optical design functionality.

» Beam Pattern Analysis
» Multi View
» AFS - Adaptive Front Lighting System
» Real Time
» Custom Roads
» Video Export
» Advanced Graphics



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